What was not included in this course?


  • Stored procedures
  • Triggers, sequences, views, functions, prepared statements
  • Complex aggregation and SQL querries
  • Other/Alternative database systems
  • Storage of structured data (lists, trees, …)
  • Storage of special data (images, files, …)
  • SQL query optimisation, DB server configuration

Web, Internet, HTML

  • Networks, network protocols, topologies
  • Details of internet protocols - HTTP, emails, file transfers, encryption
  • XML, DTD, schemas
  • DOM, JavaScript, AJAX
  • Graphics, advanced CSS, graphical design, user interfaces design


  • Methodologies
    • application design, selection of technologies, architecture design
    • data structure design, DB schema design
    • user interface design
    • software testing, quality assurance


  • Other languages
  • Compiled languages
  • PHP
    • objects
    • modules
    • frameworks and libraries
    • other database interfaces